Friday, March 4, 2011

Red Velvet: Cake Edition

Well, the cupcakes were good so it's time to try it as a big cake.  This time, I played with buttercream as a topping and covered the sides with granola.  I never liked nuts so in order to get a similar crunchy texture, I though granola was a good alternative, and it was!

Cake base was the same as the cupcake recipe.

Buttercream was an Italian buttercream as per usual.

2 egg whites
35g of sugar
30mL of water
15g of castor sugar
120g of softened unsalted butter (about 3/4 cups)
1/4tsp of salt

1. Boil the 35g of sugar with 30mL of water to about 240F.

2. Meanwhile, add the salt to the egg whites and whip to frothy.

3. Stream in the 15g of castor sugar.

5. Whip egg whites to hard glossy peaks.

6. When sugar syrup reaches 240F, remove from heat immediately and stream into egg whites.  Avoid whipping blades.

7. Whip until you get a bird's peak on the whisks.  Now you have meringue.

8. Soften the butter and add it a spoonful at a time to the meringue.  When it has been completely absorbed, add the next spoonful.  At some point, it will look like it's a curdled mess, keep whipping and adding butter, it will sort itself out.

9. Add the flavourings to taste.  

10. Fill a piping bag with fancy tip and pipe designs onto the cake.

Mr. Meow really liked this one.

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