Friday, May 24, 2013

Smoked Salmon and Dill Tea Sandwiches

This post of part of the "An Afternoon Tea Gathering"

An excellent way to luxe up your tea party is of course throw in some smoked salmon.  With this recipe, the dill acts nicely as a means to take out any fishiness that is in the smoked salmon (there shouldn't be, but you know how some people are...)

Smoked Salmon and Dill Tea Sandwiches
Adapted from

3 packs (400 g each) of Nanuk or good quality smoked salmon
2 loafs of sandwich bread
100 g of Greek yogurt
2 tbsp of dill

1. Mix the dill and yogurt together in a bowl.

2. You will need only about half to 1 slice of smoked salmon per slice of bread if you're making sandwich pockets; more if you're just cutting it for visual volume.

3 (a). If making sandwich pockets, spread some dill yogurt onto a slice of bread, taking care not to go to the edges, and use the sandwich shaper/cutter to press shapes.

3 (b). If making cutouts or just quartering the bread, cut first and then spread the dill yogurt.

4. Lay a slice of smoked salmon onto a piece of bread.  You can make folds to create volume for visual appeal.

If I remember correctly, these little sandwiches ran out first!

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