Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Apple Caramel Macarons

This was inspired by Marc Jacobs poster of their new Patissiere fragrance line.

The green ones in particular, caught my eye and for some reason, I immediately thought of apples.  I had whipping cream to use up in the fridge and didn't really want to make buttercream, so I tried the most sensible combination: apple caramel.

I didn't want a batch of apple flavoured caramels if I had leftovers so I flavoured the shells apple.

Also, this batch was where I experimented with using only egg white powder to make the shells.  Egg white powder would have a commercial advantage because it can be kept unspoiled for a long time and I wouldn't have egg yolks to deal with if I didn't want to make French buttercream with it.

Apple Caramel Macarons

8 g of egg white powder = 2 egg whites
52 mL of water
81 g of almond flour
81 g of castor sugar

81 g of castor sugar
20 mL of water

1/2 dram of apple flavouring 

1. Do as previously to make the macarons batter.

2. Add about 1/2 a dram of apple flavouring when whipping the meringue (after the addition of syrup).
3. Bake as per usual

4. Fill with caramel

Makes about 30 filled macarons

Never friggin' again am I working with this caramel as a filling!  I think I boiled it too long so it was stiff at room temperature and when I piped it, like all caramels do, it made a long stringy string that wouldn't quit.  When I squeezed the pastry bag to pipe the caramel, butter was seeping out everywhere making the piping even more difficult.  UGH!  

Setting it was a pain too.  I had to make sure the macarons were stable and sitting on flat surface, otherwise the mac would roll to its side and then the shell would slide off while the caramel was setting making the whole process irreversible.  But oh so tasty.

 A friend was willing to bribe me with a bubble tea for some of these.
No bribing required.

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