Monday, April 12, 2010

Maca-lol Supreme

Easter weekend, I had my first paying order for macarons.  I wasn't even offering to sell them...just yet.  But a friend asked and I shall provide.  I made some extra ones and this is what I did with the extras because I had a crazy idea to dip them in chocolate and then roll them in sprinkles.  My friend's kids benefited.

Eeeeeaaaatttt meeeeeeeeeeeee

Maca-lol Supreme

White couverture Callebaut chocolate
Generic rainbow sprinkles

1. Chop up the white chocolate, place in a bowl and gently melt over a pot of simmering water.
Couverture chocolates are already tempered, so there is no need to overly heat/melt the chocolate.  Otherwise, the chocolate will pass its stable point and you will need to temper it yourself by doing a heat/cool cycle.  Pain in the butt.

2. Dip/roll/swirl the macaron into the melted chocolate.
I find it much easier to dip when it's on a stick.  But using your hands is fine because you can hope that some chocolate can get on your fingers and you can lick it off later.

3. Pour sprinkles into a tiny prep bowl, before the chocolate on the macarons has solidified, roll your dipped macarons in the sprinkles. Apply a little pressure when rolling to make it stick.

4. To set, I made a stand and stabbed the macalols on it.  Or you can use a mini cupcake liner to help prop it up too if you're not doing macalols.  Then shove them into the fridge.

My interpretation of a Macarons Tree

My favourite ribbon: the Meow ribbon
Go figure...


I was pleasantly surprised that these have an excellent crispy texture and are not too sweet, considering all the chocolate and candy involved.  I've always complained that Callebaut chocolate tastes sweet, as it was when used as a ganache filling, but they were fabulous for dipping.

Oh yeah, the friend didn't like my macarons, she *lurved* them.  :D

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