Sunday, May 30, 2010

Moe Strawberry Milk

Moe, もえ(萌) pron. MO-EH

Sakuma Drops: Akihabara Limited Edition - Moe Drops
I find the drops itself are a bit too sweet for me, but at least I have a cute tin ^_^
Photo courtesy of J-List/JBox

From Petsugar:
"Moe-Chan is an adorable maid who now adorns what are the greatest contribution to the marshmallow world since the toasted marshmallow milkshake! Next are contributions to the strawberry milk world such as a giant stick of gum the size of my purse as well as drops and chocolates. Evidently the strawberry milk aroma alone will make you want to rub these items all over your naked body."
-Meow: "If I have all the strawberries and cream I want, I'd take a bath in it too!"

This stuff smells awesome, tastes awesome and I discovered it by accident.  In my quest for healthier snacks, I bought a bunch of fruits the other day, strawberry being one of them.  Now, I absolutely hate sour fruits so I usually have my strawberries with sugar.  I've had strawberries and whipped cream before or even just drizzled with cream, but never the strawberries-sugar-cream combo.  This morning, seeing how there's half-and-half (10%) cream in the fridge, I decided to make myself the breakfast of Moe champions.  It's kinda like strawberry cereal now that I think about it, but it didn't cost me $6 a box.

I wolfed down the first bowl, and as I was drinking the remaining cream and licking the bowl clean, a glance to the side of my desk where a tin of Moe Sakuma Drops sit , it occurred to me: I CAN MAKE MOE CREAM!!  

Ran downstairs, cut up more strawberries and giggled in world domination-esque laughter.

Moe Strawberry Milk

Fresh strawberries
Half-and-half (10%) cream

The cutest creamer I have ever bought!

1. Quarter the strawberries, take as much as you will eat.

2. Drizzle sugar over the strawberries to taste and toss with the berries.
    Too much sugar will make the cream really sweet, so be careful.

3. Pour cream over the strawberries until they've been barely covered, and toss with the berries.

4. Cover and allow to sit in fridge for a few hours.

5. The milk to have a pinkish tinge to it after it has soaked for a while.


Other fruits you can consider adding to the mix:

Though I highly recommend that you add it when you`re gonna eat the strawberries, not to soak it in the milk too as it can end up tasting funny (maybe except the banana).

I think I'm addicted...
At least this way, I'm more inclined to eat fruits and I get my dose of calcium too.

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