Friday, March 11, 2011

Meow's Two Bite Fancy Brownies

It was godsister's house warming party and I was responsible for dessert.  By this time I was working pretty much everyday and didn't have much time to bake and stuff (hence the lack of posts), so what can I whipped up in an evening?  BROWNIES!!

I followed the recipe on the side of a can of Fry's Cocoa.  I find that their recipe is by far the best.

Topped with some chocolate frosting...oh yeah!

I would like to think that my piping skills have improved :P 

An egg tray works surprisingly well as a mini cupcake carrier. 

The trays were a bit deep and hard to get the brownies out
without wrecking the pipe job, so I stuck fancy toothpicks
to help get it out. 


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