Friday, May 24, 2013

Clotted Cream

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Ah...heavenly clotted cream....

I didn't even know such luxuries existed until I had a taste of it at the Peninsula in Hong Kong.  I thought it was awesome when I had a bite of it on my scones and then Mr. Meow suggested I put some berry jam with the clotted cream.  I was sold!

Now, unfortunately, you can't get clotted cream here in this dinky town.  But no fear!  As long as there's heavy cream for sale, I can make clotted cream.

Better than butter

Clotted Cream
1 litre of heavy cream (33% or higher)
1 tsp of vanilla extract (optional)

Yield: about 250 mL

1. Use a heavy bottom wide pan, preferably a frying pan, and gently heat to cream to take out the chill.

2. Once the chill is gone, turn the stove to low and keep the cream warm, about 30-40C, which is just warm to the touch.  Do not boil or simmer the cream.

3. Check every hour and collect the skin that has formed on top.  Deposit into a bowl or airtight container.

Good evident skin

Sometimes there isn't an obvious skin after an hour, but there's still a thick layer at the top.

4. Give the cream in the pan a stir after you are done collecting.

5. After 4 to 8 hours, or when the cream has come thin and skim milk like, it is done, dump out the remaining "cream" into the sink.

6. Give the clotted cream a good stir to incorporate and smooth out the chunks.

7. Chill in the fridge until set.

8. Bring to room temperature to serve.

These are good in the fridge for about 4 days.  Freezable.

I made some scones and some clotted cream to go with them and sent them with my mother to HK for my uncle who loves scones and cream.  This uncle, being Asian, also is not in the habit of praising.  However, a few days after he has received my baking, he asked me if this was "cream cheese" and "what brand it was so [he] can go buy some" because it "tastes good".  Hahahaha, "what brand", it's "Meow's Kitchen Brand" that what!  I guess that's his way of saying the clotted cream has the softness and fluffiness of cream cheese and tastes great like store bought.  Oh man, my cousin (his son), has always been dying to receive some fatherly praises, I think if he saw the message, I'll incur his wrath!

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