Friday, May 24, 2013

Cucumber Mint Tea Sandwiches

This is part of the "An Afternoon Tea Gathering" post.

Meow has a friend whose sworn enemy is the cucumber sandwich.  I don't know the back story, but I was determined to win him over.  I scoured the internet and found recipes for either cucumber-mint-butter or cucumber-mint-cream cheese.  Since Mr. Meow doesn't like cream cheese and I find butter a bit bland, I experimented with the Greek yogurt at home.  Result: fan-FUCKING-tastic.

Cucumber and Mint Tea Sandwiches with Greek Yogurt
Adapted from

1 long English cucumber, thinly sliced
150g of Greek yogurt 9% fat or higher
5g of mint leaves, no stems!
20 slices of sandwich bread

1. Chop up the mint.  You may use a food processor, but never process the mint and the yogurt together.

Don't do what I did, you'll end up with liquid
2. Weight out the yogurt in a container.

3. Mix in the chopped up mint

4. Take 2 slices of bread, stack them on top of each other, cut diagonally in half.

These are cut with a bread cutter
5. Spread the yogurt-mint mixture on both sides of the bread

6. Place about 5 slices of cucumbers in between the bread

7. Use a small sprig of mint to garnish.

That's one slice of bread folded over
I got 4 little pieces of bread from one slice
These have 3 slices of cucumber and one mint leaf

If you also have a bread cutter, I've noticed that brown bread sticks together better than white bread.  And certainly try to avoid having the crust pressed in, nothing will stick together then.  If the pockets still fail to stick together, you can re-press it by stepping the bread cutter further in thereby creating a new crease.  Your bread pocket will come out a little bit smaller, but better than losing the whole thing.

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